BuyRun API Service

SUPPLIERS can make automatic data transfer or update from their own ERP, accounting etc. stock management systems through BuyRun API Services.

API Services:

Login Service(post) ---> Authentication is performed with this service, along with your email address and password.

Token is turning back. You can use other services with tokens.

Categories Service(get) ---> With Token, you can get all CATEGORIes on the BuyRun system.

Brands Service(get) ---> With Token, you can get all BRANDs on the BuyRun system.

Models Service(get) ---> With Token, you get all MODELs on the BuyRun system.

Product Service(get) ---> With Token, the Suppliers can get all its own PRODUCTs on the BuyRun system.

Products Service(post) ---> With Token, the Suppliers can install or update Products on the BuyRun system.

You should not send the 'id' parameter to add NEW PRODUCTS, to perform the PRODUCT UPDATE, the 'id' parameter should contain the id value of the current product according to the product list returned from the Products Service (get) service.

API Document --->